WordTracker Keyword Selection Tool Review

For those of you who have ever done any research into keywords (perhaps after reading about the importance of this step in our “Keyword Selection” article) you are certainly familiar with Overture’s Search Term Suggestion Tool. If you aren’t you can find information on it and a link to this useful tool on our SEO Resources page.

Some of the basic advantages of WordTracker over Overture are:

  • It differentiates between singular and plural
  • It differentiates between correct and misspellings
  • It allows for analysis of keywords to help determine which are the best promotion targets on an engine-by-engine basis (called the KEI analysis)

Wordtracker takes the usefulness of this tool to the next level. The advantages are best outlined with screen shots.

The screen you will be presented with when you first login to the Wordtracker database.


Allows great flexibility in finding those niche phrases. Use this tool to brainstorm new keywords or find highly popular keywords. It gives you a list order by the predicted number of searches per day based on searches performed over the previous 60 days.


Store up to seven keyword projects. Useful if you are working on multiple websites.


Keyword control center. Export all your projects, email or send straight to Excel. You can also carry out further analysis on your pay per bid results.

Find out how different words are being misspelled and take advantage of the traffic. No one really targets misspellings on the web – how can they – they don’t know what they are!


Find those niches in the major search engines, pay per bids and directories. This tool can pay for itself for it’s PPC usefulness alone.

TermCostSuitable For:
1 Month$59.00Webmasters in very large industries targeting numerous keywords and/or setting up PPC accounts on multiple engines.
1 Year$329.00SEOs and webmasters who want to know on an ongoing basis, what holes are available on the PPC engines and who like to keep updated on new keyword phrases and terms being searched.

* WordTracker is a UK company. The prices quoted are conversions made December 5, 2004.

For more information, to order WordTracker, or to try their free trial you can visit their website at http://www.wordtracker.com/.

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