Total Optimizer Pro Review

After having used PR Prowler for a number of months we received an email from Shawn at TopNet Solutions announcing the release of a new SEO tool they had developed called Total Optimizer Pro. As I had been very pleased with the results we had attained from “The Prowler” I was more than happy to review their new software. The price tag on this software is $195 but like their other software, it comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee so there wasn’t much at stake and our theory is, if it gives us even an additional 1% advantage over our competition it’s worth the cost.

What Does Total Optimizer Pro Do?

Upon downloading it for review we quickly discovered that what it will produce is far in excess of a 1% advantage, and that was when it was version one which only did competition link analysis. Their newest version includes more thorough offsite analysis but they’ve also added in comprehensive onsite and keyword density analysis (KDA) as well.

If you haven’t done so yet you may want to read part one of Beanstalk’s competition analysis article series on analyzing onsite factors for more information on how this information can best serve you.

Admittedly the interface is slightly more complex with Total Optimizer Pro than with PR Prowler, however due to the vast information it yields it really couldn’t be otherwise.

How Do I Use Total Optimizer Pro To Analyze Onsite Factors?

Step one is simply entering the keyword phrase you wish to target and your URL after selecting, “Analyze “on the page” ranking factors.”

In step two you select which engines you would like to pull top 10 results for to analyze. As noted, it really is only slighly more complex than their PR Prowler link finding tool.


Here it it … Total Optimizer Pro at work. it takes about a minute or two depending on your connection speed. Don’t worry, you can work on other things or go grab a coffee while it’s running. 🙂


The top of the Total Optimizer Pro report. Here you can select where you want to see an analysis of the top ten based on a specific engine. For the purpose of this review we have selected the top 10 on Google.


Scrolling down we will find the Total Optimizer Pro title analysis. Displayed for your easy reference is the title of each page. Below this is a breakdown of the titles by keyword density based on the phrase you chose in step one.

KDA of keyword meta tag.
KDA of description meta tag.

Similar to the title analysis the tool then moved on to break down the keyword and description meta tags including a keyword density analysis.


And now for the really important part, the content analysis. Total Optimizer Pro will let you know what percentage of your conent and your competitor’s content is made up of the targeted keywords. Can anything help you optimize your site’s content more than this piece of information? Perhaps some great links but we’ll get into that in a moment when looking at the offsite analysis.


And finally, as a nice finishing touch, it provides us with an analysis of the first line of content found on the page. This will help us make sure that the first thing the search engine “sees” is better, and more optimized than our competitors.


It’s pretty simple to see exactly how powerful this information can be in onsite competition analysis. Once you know how your competitor’s attained their rankings it becomes a matter of duplicating the best of what they have done. As noted previously, you may find it helpful to read our article on onsite competition analysis to fully understand how this information can be used to maximize your site’s search engine effectiveness.

But this isn’t all that Total Optimizer Pro can do, in fact this page only covers the onsite factors and much of the advantage that this software gives it’s owner is held in it’s offsite competiton analysis. You can find more information on this area of Total Optimizer Pro here or you can visit their website at

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