Total Optimizer Pro Review Too

So we’ve seen the onsite factors that it analyzes. This in-and-of-itself is highly useful however it’s the offsite factors (i.e. link analysis) that make it an invaluable tool.

If you haven’t done so yet you may want to read part two of Beanstalk’s competition analysis article series on analyzing offsite factors for more information on how this information can best serve you.

How Do I Use It?


Step one is simply entering the keyword phrase you wish to target. You can analyze by keyword phrase or by URL to get information on a specific competitor. After you have done this click “Next >>”

Alternatively you can run Total Optimizer Pro to analyze a single domain.


In step two you choose which engines you would like your competition analyzed on and the number of backlinks you want analyzed per site in the top ten (up to 500 links). Then you click “Next >>”.


Here it it … Total Optimizer Pro at work. If you’ll read the message they display while it’s working it pretty much sums it up. It does take a few minutes but what you get in return would take you many hours if not weeks to accumulate.


At the top of the screen you choose which engine’s top ten you would like to see the results for. The default is obvioulsy Google.


Now choose from the top 10 sites to see the analysis of their backlinks.


Here we have a breakdown of the links. Fairly simple. Keep reading as the most useful and interesting information is about to come your way.


A breakdown of all the individual links. Pretty dry but here’s where it’s about to get interesting. And by interesting we mean that here’s where they start to spell it all out for you.

A brief summary of the domain, the IP and the backlink PageRank.
Scrolling to the right we find the anchor text used for the link broken down by page.
To give us more detail, scrolling further we’ll find the title of the linking page and the Alexa rank.
And further we’ll find the keyword focus of the linking page. Great for quickly determining relevancy.


And finally we get a summary of the
links to and from the linking page.

Now we see a summary of the anchor text use for all the links.
With the number of occurances of that anchor text and the keyword density of the targeted phrase.


And in at the bottom you’ll find a summary of it all. From the number of pages linking to the site and which domains they are from (i.e. how many of the links are actually from the same site) to the PageRank breakdown of those links.


It’s pretty simple to see exactly how powerful this information can be. Once you know how your competitor’s attained their rankings it becomes a matter of duplicating and then surpassing their efforts.

Know Thy Enemy” and you will defeat them.

Total Optimizer Pro gives you that knowledge and that’s why it’s quickly become one of our favorite “Tools We Use”.

You can visit their website for more information, testimonials, reviews, and order information at

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