ClickTracks Log Analyzer Review

ClickTracks log analyzer takes your ability to understand your website visitor habits where no other program has gone.

The power of this tool supasses anything that we have seen produced to date. While standard statistics packages give you some basic information on where your visitors are coming from and some may even give you a bit about their habits such as the average number of pages a visitors goes to, this really doesn’t help you much in determining how they are navigating your website, which buttons they are clicking on and which visitors are doing what.

ClickTracks does more that we could possibly outline here. At the bottom of this page we will link to a flash demo that will take you through many of the key features. If you are interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of what visitors are doing on your site then ClickTracks is a must.

Here Is A Very Basic Breakdown

General Statistics:

ClickTracks will display it its own interface your webpage. The difference is, by each link on your site it will display the percentage of visitors who have clicked on that link. This will give you the ability to view graphically which links are most clicked and place the links you want people to go to in the most desirable positions on your site.

If you have ever wondered how people are navigating your site you’ll wonder no more. ClickTracks has the ability to tell you what the most popular paths are through your site. From your homepage where do people go? When they get there what do they do? You’ll never ask yourself these questions again.

For Search Engine Optimization:

Just because the average visitor travels your site a certain way does that mean that visitors from search engines travel the same way? What about visitors using different search terms? ClickTracks allows you to specify search terms and by each link on your site it will give the percentages of clicks from people who came to your site using that term.

Additionally you can specify pages (your “Thank You For Buying …” page) and have it provide a report as to how many people searching a specific term on a specific engine ended up on your “Thank You” page (i.e. purchased a product). Imaging how this will help you on the PPC engines. You’ll be able to determine not only which terms are driving traffic to your site but further determine which terms are actually producing sales for you. This tool can actually save a site owner hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year on the PPC engines alone by helping them determine which engines and terms are producing sales.

ClickTracks does about a thousand things more than can be listed on this summary page. If you would like more details on what this tool does you can visit their website at (link removed as service no longer available).

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