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eBay Drops Google for Bing on Paid Mobile Advertising


Last week there was subtle but significant change to eBay’s mobile ad space, for years the online auction giant had exclusively served ads from Google Adwords; but according RKG’s Director of Research Mark Ballard, it looks like Bing has set-up shop in this lucrative ad space.

This combined with slowdown in the growth of click volume and reports of Amazon working on its own sponsored links product all spell a rather lackluster Q4 for Google.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Bing has seen some great gains over the last year especially in the mobile arena, with its market share jumping from 25 to 36% in just the last six months. This new move by eBay could see Bing’s market share climb even higher, it will be interesting to see if they can topple Google from the #1 spot which has hovering at 38% this year.

So what prompted the switch? Well the 200 million in lost revenue eBay suffer from the manual penalty it received back in May, and a Panda punch that knocked search traffic down by 33% may have a lot to do with it. The company has since taken steps to fix SEO issues, but said the process will take time, so it’s not clear if the penalties still are effect.

It’s also unclear if eBay is only testing the waters with Bing, as there wasn’t any notice of the switch, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this turns out.

Source: Search Engine Land

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