$200 In AdWords Coupons

AdWords coupons change frequently or get used up.  We’ll keep the most recent codes we’ve been sent here.

Frequently we get sent AdWords coupons from Google.  You’ll have often seen offers for $50 in free credits (if nowhere else than from your hosting company I’m sure) but we’ve recently received 2 such coupon codes for $100 each.  We generally keep them for clients but as we’re currently not taking on clients … they’re going to be going to waste as they expire tomorrow.  Since we know a lot of our readers are doing online marketing now just might be a good time to add in AdWords if you don’t already.

The coupons are for $100 each, they expire on March 31st and I believe they’re only good on new campaigns.  I can confirm that they don’t work on campaigns where a coupon code has been entered previously.  Can’t blame us for trying Google. 🙂

So if you’d like to launch into a campaign feel free to use one of these coupon codes for a $100 credit:



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