Google Mobile

Unraveling the Mobile Algorithm

When the mobile algorithm launched it was thought to be the simple fact that your site was either mobile, earning you a nice little “mobile friendly” tag in search or it wasn’t. As the evolution of “Mobilegeddon” continues however, more specifics on how the new mobile algorithm operates now, and what’s projected for the future is being unraveled.

User Experience on Mobile

While user experience has been reported as a ranking factor for the new mobile algorithm it’s ben reported recently that Google has no intention of making it a factor for desktop users. Google’s Gary Illyes stated via Twitter that UX is the base of the mobile friendly update, but there’s no plans to include it for desktop.  As reported by Barry Scwartz over at SEO Roundtable, Gary has stated that while UX is important and part of the algorithm, your site content is still more important for both mobile and desktop rankings.

The Mobile Algo’s Next Targets

According the a recent post by Jennifer Slegg, Google’s next targets in it’s ever changing mobile algorithm could be both page speed and interstitials.

Page speed should come as no surprise as Google has been providing us with this metric for quite some time. However it was hinted by Gary Illyes at SMX Sydney that it will  probably become part of the mobile friendly signal group.

What’s and interstitial?  Basically any page or popup that blocks you from reaching the content your intending to see.  The specific example used in the article is that of  sites that try to get you to download their app (in some cases force) before they will take you to your intended content.  While she does state that it’s a personal annoyance, I can say it’s one we all share!

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