Mobile Mania

mobile maniaIt seems like most of the news circling the SEO community these past few weeks has largely centered around Google’s impending mobile algorithm. While most SEO’s and business owners are scrambling to have their websites ready for the expected release on April 21st, Google has been pushing out a ton of resources trying to help webmasters get ready for the coming changes.

In a recent Google+ Hangout , which is part of Google’s Mobile Madness campaign, Google staffers have answered a few common questions.


Here’s a few of the most common:

Q) How long will the roll-out take?

A) It’s been reported that the roll-out could take up to a week. As with most algorithm updates you’ll generally see the pendulum shift in traffic from one extreme to the other until the roll-out is complete.

Q) How do I know if my sites mobile friendly

A) Google put out this great tool to help test your site and list any mobile usability issues. Once you’ve determined what those issues are there is a great help section offering some good advice and solutions.

Another tip from the search giant is to simply Google yourself on your mobile device. If you see the “mobile friendly” tag come up next to your site name, you’re site is mobile friendly.

Q) Will a responsive design rank better?

A) Google’s Gary Illyes has stated that while Google has been pushing webmasters to go responsive, other mobile development options will work fine. Other items stressed by Illyes were common issues such as avoiding the use of flash and making sure Javascript and CSS files were not blocked.

Q) Will the mobile algorithm affect desktop traffic?

A) No. It is not projected that the algorithm will have any impact on desktop traffic

One thing has been made clear, you either have a mobile site or you don’t. Come April 21rst you’ll want to make sure you have a mobile site.


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