Google Suggests Helping Users Fill Out Forms On Mobile

How long does it take you to get frustrated with filling out forms on your mobile phone or tablet? If you’re anything like me, with my pudgy little fingers, not terribly long. Hence Google’s suggestion that webmasters enable auto-complete on mobile web forms as a way to improve mobile user satisfaction. Many sites use forms for shopping transactions, newsletter sign-up, or membership registration, and given the continuing rise in mobile use, for not only search but also eCommerce, it only seems logical that webmasters would want to make the process as hassle free as possible.

Barry Scwartz of SEO Roundtable asked Google’s Garry Illyes if this recommendation was part of the much anticipated Mobile Algorithm being launched on April 21rst by Google, but was told that it was just a suggestion and a means to increase conversion and user satisfaction.

For a look a best practices when using auto-complete markup on your mobile site, Google has provided this great resource, including how-to’s and validation tools to help make the process easier.

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