You Have to Build a Boat to Stay Afloat

Nave Concordia affondataIt’s almost instinct to want something for nothing but that’s not reality. In today’s linkbuilding world that mentality is going out the window and if you want to stay afloat you will need to build that boat.

Don’t call it linkbuilding call it advertising and Integrated marketing. It’s all about creating great content, PR and connecting with the in-house marketing (advertising) team. Allow the marketing strategy to become one giant machine. Learn to co-exist with a brands entire marketing entity. Give your clients a 3 dimensional experience involve television, radio, print, internet and personal interactions. It’s about advertising across multiple media sources.

You are not a linkbuilder you are a marketer. Put on your creative hat and be fearless. Every part of that marketing boat has a purpose and they all have to come together to enable your clients boat to set sail. You can’t build a boat in a day so why offer to build one for your client.

You need to make sure the company has a marketing plan or an ad budget. If they do that means they are serious if they don’t let them go to sink alone. Not worth your time or investment. A company on and offline need to be active with their advertising and if this doesn’t happen then they are a serious failure. Swim away.
External advertising will bring in traffic to your website but it also maintains presence off line. The times have changed and it’s time to grow up and move ahead. Make that word linkbuilder walk the plank then feed it to the sharks. Replace that scurvy ridden link building position with a creative team, a team that’s not afraid to set sail into unknown territories while making relationships professionally or within the integrated marketing world. That creative team is your boat and that boat will keep your clients afloat.

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  1. Leo says:

    Great advice. Linknuilding is really important if you want higher PR. I guess giving your client options is good too.