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Listen up big baby! We just pulled you out of a penalty yet you want me to link build like it was 2006. That’s absolutely not going to happen, and not while you’re under my watch. What I’m trying to do is rehabilitate you to where you need to be in today’s standards. If we’re going to bring you out of your digital marketing rut then we are going to have to work together on this. It takes time to repair after coming out of a penalty but my main goal is to get you onto your own feet.
I need you to step up to the plate and be a real person and place an end to that false avatar on your call back feature. I need you to begin to recognize your clients and celebrate their worth. Most of all, I need you to be the best author out there and produce material that your clients want to read.

If You Build It Links Will Come

Building links doesn’t mean you go elsewhere and drop off a link using dirty techniques. Building it means recognizing your client creating content on and off your page that they will like. People need to be celebrated and motivated, so do your clients. It’s absolutely normal to lose focus after working on one project for a long period of time.

I’m here to help you relight your fire and help reconnect you to your client. I want to help point out what content your clientele wants to read, colors they love and what catches their attention. Once we can build your world into a wonderland for your clients they will respect you and become faithful to your brand. They may even share you with their friends and their friend will share you with their friends.

Don’t expect clients to magically appear to your site. You need to reach out and be noticed. You need a sincere human personality and find places that potential clients are hanging out. I have those places for you to reach out to but you need to forget your 2006 scheming ways and stay sincere. I want to shape you into that author and that personality that represents your industry. If we can connect you to the right networks and we produce content on the right sites you will be future proof. Those potential clients will recognize your trust value and share within their world. They will also follow you back onto your site and with them they will bring prosperity.

Just by following these basic steps and allow me to work with you and your team those links will become a reality. They will begin to show organically and begin to work for you. I believe in you so let’s make the best future for you.

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