Oops …

Well, today on Webmaster Radio I presented the finding from the first rel=”nofollow” test. A few minutes later in the chat room I was presented with a link to another blog. The post read as follows:

Blogspam works, but only in large quantitiesDave Davies did some research on whether nofollow links still pass some linkjuice, and as it turns out (which we knew of course) it does, a bit… So, for your blogspam to be useful, you have to do it in very very large quantities 🙂

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Alright, not exactly what I was getting at. In retrospect however, this is a fairly logical conclusion (not the only conclusion but a logical one). That said, there are a myriad of other factors at play which fortunately will trip up many of the would-be spammers hoping to use this tid-bit of info to their advantage.

The second round of testing will continue as planned. We’re not saying to sp@m anything and certainly not blogs, these tests are run to determine all the available tactics and sometimes just out of curiosity (I don’t fish and everybody needs a hobby ;). If we know that posting in forums WITH LEGITIMATE RESPONSES OR COMMENTS will help our site or a client’s site in the rankings then it is a useful tactic. I’m hoping not to see a flurry of bots now ransacking blogs and forums with “guaranteed lowest rates on mortgages” or the oh-so-useful Viagra ads.

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