Link-Building May Not Be Dead – Just Prepare For It

Cemetery with crosses in the same gray autumn

I didn’t say it was dead just get prepared for it

One day you will wake up from a deep sleep and realize the search algorithm you know it today will drop your website like a brick into the water. Leaving you unable to resurface for a second chance. We’ve already seen this with Penguin for some cases. Many of those companies that have hit a penalty are still having a hard time recovering. You know what you should have been doing was investing in networking with relevant businesses, connecting within your community and investing in PR.

Public Relations must be a part of your overall business plan. It’s in the near future that your backlinks won’t count anymore. What will count is your PR efforts, advertising, content marketing and social networking.It can be deceiving to use the word link-building as it allows clients to think these are easily and quickly achievable.

Begin Your PR with social and Content

Harness the power of social media. Use this to keep your company visible. This will be your virtual business card and your ticket to networking parties. I remember 2 years ago SEOs were skeptical about using social media and unwilling to invest in it towards their strategy. I actually still see this and I feel bad for them.

Build your content and use those networking skills within your industry. The more that you networked in the past will make it easier for you to reach out to your community. This will bring you mentions and guest post, interviews and more. When writing content, think outside the box, be bold and stand out amongst the crowd.

Keep your journalists close. Maintain a relationship grow it by making them part of your daily routine. Those relationships will come in handy but always make sure you can repay the favor.

Be prepared that if you haven’t at least invested in a little PR you will be left in the dust.
I’m not going to say it but I already dug a hole 6 feet deep to place the word Link-building in.

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