Keywords and Content With Garret French

Garret French

This week Garret French from CitationLabs took us on an adventure in linkbuilding land exploring ways to increase link possibilities with keywords and content. His webinar titled “Transform SEO Keywords to Linkable Content Ideas” shows how to use niche SEO keywords to build resource content to attract organic backlinks from resource page curators. The linkers are passionate about a topic and not necessarily bloggers, journalists or social media. It’s primarily designed to build content to attract a linking audience and take action.

He mentioned that SEO keywords aren’t usually linkable content keywords but can reveal more attractive possibilities. Although you begin with SEO keywords you ultimately end with resource content building topics. The tactic is by use of the content not to create a landing page but an area of interest.

Using the topics you want to rank for ( “keyword” ) or (“keyword”site:links) will introduce various search queries that contain topics for links that could be used for linkable.

Garret’s process is valuable on all levels for content research even finding what industries are currently ranking for. The other perfect angle would be using this system to find PR angles.

Have a watch because explaining the system would take longer for me to write about than have Garret show you himself. Enjoy his presentation because I know this will help make your job smooth as butter

Citation Labs
Founder of Citation Labs
Garret French is the founder of Citation labs that create custom link-building tools.

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