Don’t Fear the Link

Mark and Eric’s latest video titled “Why are People Afraid to Link building” is one to share to fear stricken clients. The last few years many companies have either been affected by Google penalties or afraid to make any new link advancements because of the paranoia from others being affected or the fear based articles out on the web.

Link building isn’t old school easy but it’s still possible and still is highly beneficial for search engine visibility. I’ve had clients scream for link volume but I always work towards introducing alternative ways to link building. Eric talks about these alternative ways aren’t always direct but mostly indirect and can have strong yet positive long term effects on your link profile. I’ve seen major success from clients that see the light in these strategies that include major increases in traffic but also northern movement to their page rankings.

The tough part to achieving these positive successes is the time spent talking them off the ledge or taming their fears. Maybe this little video by Mark and Eric will help you tame the beast. None the less, if you’re a small business owner or in-house internet marketing team don’t fear the link.

Stone Temple Consulting

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