BOTW Discount & New Face For Google

The first thing I’m going to discuss today is the discount being offered by my favorite paid directory Best Of The Web.  They always offer good value for the money in regards to both trust enhancement AND just plain old traffic but for the month of May they’re offering a $25 discount on submissions of both your site and your blog.  Both the Beanstalk site and blog are in there so I’m not recommending anything I wouldn’t put my own money behind.

So if you’re looking for a good quality link from a solid and respected site, BOTW is a good place to head and I’d recommend doing so before the end of the month.  Submission is typical of  an advanced directory (find your category, click “Submit”). 🙂  They charge both annual and one-time fees depending on your short vs long term goals.  You can visit their site at

Google’s New Face

Some of you may have already noticed that Google is displaying their results differently with a left hand navigation allowing for some advanced tailoring of the search results.  I’ve actually been seeing it on my work computer for a couple weeks now on and off.  Basically the default results set is the same as always but with a click you can tailor your results by time, type (blog, regular, news, etc.) and they even offer suggestion additional searches to consider.

As an SEO I of course have to consider that this is yet another factor in clickthroughs that I have to consider and that will likely put more work on my plate BUT on the plus side – t also may reduce the bounce rate of sites by allowing people to tailor their results more specifically.  Oh – and as a searcher I do like it which (I suppose) is what Google’s trying to do. 🙂  You can read Google’s post on the new face on their blog at

Once again Google, you’ve made my life a little more complicated but I have to commend you on a job well done.

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