BOTW 50% off Cyber Monday

50% Off Best Of The Web Submissions

BOTW 50% off Cyber Monday

There are very few general directories that we like here at Beanstalk.  VERY few. With the massive devaluation of directories over the past few years and the Penguin issues and manual penalties from large-scale directory links they’ve become an area of link acquisition we are extremely careful about.  Fortunately Best Of The Web (BOTW to most)  remains on our list of decent directories and today they’re offering a Cyber Monday deal.  Using the promo code CYBER50 you can get 50% off any listing.  That drops the price down to $75 per year or $150 for a permanent listing.

Now, worth noting is that one of the reasons we still like BOTW as a directory is that if your site doesn’t work fully or doesn’t meet their guidelines – you’re paying for the review and your submission will be turned down.  An expensive mistake to be sure.  So read through their guidelines prior to submission and make sure your site functions properly.  We probably dont’ have to tell you this for an array of reasons but worth noting so our comments don’t get filed with angry readers – upset that their site is bad.

To submit simply visit their site, navigate to your category and click to submit.

It won’t be a catalyst to rankings (nor should it be) but it’s a solid listing in your link profile and at a great price.  And you might just get some traffic from it.

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