More Malicious Malware Maladies

I wrote on Monday about what to do if your website is hacked. In that post Matt Cutts states that besides "clear-cut black-hat webspam" the second largest category of spam that Google deals with consistently is that of hacked websites.

phishing attacksPhishing Map

In a new post today, Google shared some interesting stats regarding how many sites are infected with malware and what they are doing to protect users from it.

  • Google discovers 9,500 new malicious websites every day.
  • Google displays the hacked or compromised warning on about 12-14 million Google Search queries per day.
  • Google sends out thousands of notifications daily to webmasters.
  • Google send thousands of notifications daily to Internet Service Providers.

It has been five years since Google announced their malware and phishing protection with their Safe Browsing effort. The goal of this initiative was to protect people from malicious content on the Internet.


Google realizes of course that these are not completely solvable problems since new threats continue to emerge and evolve. They highly recommend (and so do I) reviewing their Safe Browsing page for ways to help prevent your site from becoming infected.

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