McAfee Secure Review

McAfee Secure is a service that scans your website daily to insure that your server and site will provide maximum security for your visitors and potential clients. While this is a good practice on it’s own, having the McAfee Secure logo on your website, reporting the daily scan and providing a link to confirmation that your site is safe can provide dramatic results in conversions.

For example, Petco Animal Supplies realized an almost 10% increase in conversions when they started using McAfee Secure (which was then Hacker Safe). The test was done based on orders wherein 9,500 orders were tracked and those visitors who saw the McAfee Secure logo purchased 400 more products than those who did not.

Statistically this number is a bit higher, with an average conversion increase of roughly 14%. We are currently running some tests with our own clients (unfortunately we can’t list them as we have a “don’t list your clients’ on your site” policy) however our first round of tests are proving positive though the exact increases can’t be determined yet. That said, we can determine that the logo will easily pay for itself and then some, the only question remaining is: by how much.

I found this video (below) of McAfee Secure’s from with a review and statistics of McAfee Secure.

They’re also offering $100 off through our site. McAfee Secure definitely falls into our list of recommended resources. You can find more information and get 20% off by visiting the McAfee Secure site.

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