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Youtube Facing a $1Billion Lawsuit

Youtube Music KeyIrving Azoff founder of the licensing Management firm GMR (Global Music Rights) is not so happy. The firm represents more than 40 music artists, including Pharelle, Chris Cornelle and Adele, is claiming that YouTube does not have the performance rights to over 20,000 songs by artists he represents. While both sides are refusing to back down, the issue appears to be escalating due to the nature of how music is currently being consumed by listeners.
Album sales and even online downloads are declining as people shift to music subscription streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and of course Google’s own Music Key.

“The way fans listen to music is evolving daily,” says Azoff. “GMR is going to give songwriters and publishers an opportunity to engage in meaningful licensing for their intellectual property. The trampling of writers’ rights in the digital marketplace without any regard to their contribution to the creative process will no longer be tolerated.”

It’s important to note YouTube does have licensing deals with the industry heavy weights Universal, Sony and Warner, as well as a host of smaller independent labels. The issue seems to be extracting higher performance rights royalties for the artists themselves. While Google has yet to publicly respond to the accusations, YouTube has claimed they have a right to host the songs under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. YouTube has fired back with the accusation that the GMR is acting without the knowledge of its clients and requested a list of the infringing URLs in question.

It’s apparent both sides are locked in an intense stare down and there’s no doubt that this is going to result in a costly legal battle.


  1. hashtag come at me bro

    Sounds like a gmr money grab to me..

  2. Terrance says:

    People always trying to find a way to make a quick buck. I guess Irving will go after all the torrent sites next for leaking their albums.

  3. Dave Davies says:

    Sounds likely.