Netflix has not yet formed a Pro-SOPA SuperPAC

While Netflix has an increasing budget for lobbying ( $20,000 in 2009, $130,000 in 2010 and $500,000 in 2011 ), and they have formed a PAC called the FLIXPAC, the company has not gone on record as opposing or supporting SOPA in particular…

… YET. 🙂

Some writers even tried to point out that rampant piracy is good for Netflix as they offer a business model to provide easier-than-pirating access to video content. The logic is that the studios might see Netflix as ‘better than nothing’ as long as piracy is big revenue factor.

I personally just see history repeating itself and expect that Netflix will be converting subscription profits into anti-piracy efforts the instant they see the whites of our eyes.

Last Week for Beanstalk Minecraft Map Contest

This is the final week for getting submissions into us for judging your Beanstalk themed Minecraft maps for our Beanstalk Minecraft Map Contest. If you are busy putting on the final touches, and want to wait till the last second, we understand but cannot make promises about late entries so try to make sure you don’t miss out!

The lightning video posted last week was disappointing on a lot of levels, not only because it was too dark to see the Beanstalk, but also because it was private and/or required a Vimeo login. We fixed it ASAP but that doesn’t do anything for the syndicated version.

So here’s a jwplayer based re-make with a creeper tossed in for fun:
[jwplayer config=”550×437 Classic” mediaid=”3769″] (Oh man this is my Monday, what’s with the cursor in the video and that aspect ratio?!.. At least I can edit the video because we are hosting it. 🙂 )

TL;DR: Submit your maps. If you haven’t made one yet, get on it. If you don’t have time, tell your Minecraft friends, because this is the last week and we are giving away such a sweet prize! 🙂

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