Francois Hollande

France Drafting Law to Make Internet Operators Accomplices In Hate Speech

Francoise Hollande
Francois Hollande
Current French President (elected 2012) & Leader of the Socialist Party.

An article which appeared on earlier today states that French President Francois Hollande is in the process of drafting a law that would make internet operators such as Google and Facebook accomplices in hate speech offenses. France currently has laws in place against the incitement of violence and making racist statements but in the wake of the deadly Charlie Hebdo attacks, President Hollande seems determined to stiffen them further.

At the World Economic forum last week, President Hollande requested internet operators such as Microsoft, Twitter Facebook, and Goolge, help identify sites hosting illegal content. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve will be heading to the US to discuss the proposal further with the tech giants. This move has largely been credited to the increased recruitment terrorists through social platforms. While many are concerned this will lead to a European version of the US Patriot Act, the tech companies in question have not released any official statements.

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