Google Ads Promo Codes No Longer Available

It seems that day has finally come and I only wish I’d known specifically when it was happening.

As a Google Partner we’ve been able to generate Google Ads promo codes and it always bothered us that thousands of dollars in codes were going to waste each month and so starting back in February 2016 we started taking the time to send out codes to folks who requested them until they were all gone.

Google has made some significant changes to the Partner Program, many of them great but one of them is turning off this particular tap.

Promotions, it seems, are now only generated and applied from within the Google Partner account meaning that for us to give them away, we’d need to tie your account to ours. A time consuming process that wouldn’t serve either of us particularly well.

And so sadly we have to say good-bye to this regular post.  We wish you every success in your promotions heading forward and should this ever change you can be sure we’ll be sure to let you know here.

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