The First Impression

Networking seems to be more and more common in this industry whether it’s for a guest post, sales call or for cooperative campaigning, it’s part of our daily lives. First impressions can make or break any relationship be it professional or personal.

We all get a constant barrage of emails and phone calls where people jump directly into the sales talk often without even introducing themselves.  We all dislike people talking AT us and not involving us in the discussion so why should it be any different professionally?

This simple rule works for social media as well, I’ve seen multiple businesses flourish when proper communication is applied to threads. This is your chance to grow a supportive audience who may bring you future clients.

Let’s have a look at the Picture Below


In this picture, the guy on the left just digs right into the sale leaving Dave on the right feeling uncertain. The guy on the left really has no intent on conversation or asking Dave about himself. This one sided and selfish communication gives Dave a sour taste in his mouth leading him to a place where he will probably not purchase the headphones from the guy on the left because of his experience. Once again trust has not been established and they both walk away dissatisfied.


Have a look at picture number 2


The picture above is a thing of beauty, to begin with, the guy on the left is not holding the headphones in his hands when greeting Dave. What hits the mark here is the guy on the left begins with INCLUDING Dave in the conversation right away. The guy on the left mentions Dave’s bowtie and compliments him directly, this engages Dave and allows him to respond but most importantly, this opens the door for trust to be built.

Never feel the need to rush into the sale, the more you know about the person or company the more you know how your product can apply to them. Always look for the common thread then use the trust that’s been established to help communicate the benefits of the product you are selling.

Just remember if it doesn’t work in real life, don’t apply it digitally.

Enjoy this fun little video on Communication from Skilldom


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