Survey SAYS?!!

Survey SaysCreating great content can go fairly well by pure assumption of  your audience but a survey can increase effectiveness. One important tool that often gets looked over is the survey for many websites. Large corporate companies understand the value of surveys to help maintain quality of product, service but also understand how their clients interact.

Starbucks offers free coffees to increase survey information but they also utilize mobile to engage the client with short but sweet questions. They can receive location information from the get-go so they can focus on product but also interest. They also know that many people already have their Starbucks app open while waiting in line for their coffee so it is a perfect opportunity to survey and dish out locational content created by locational surveys.

Knowing what coffee they often purchase or where they heard of the daily coffee deal will say a lot from where they stay connected to find info. Then they can structure that data to psychometric and scrutinize detailed information to where they publish and how they approach the content.

Surveys are useful for small business as well and can help you understand beyond the product. They definitely have an impact at creating a more successful content strategy but they will also help you create content that stands out amongst the crowd.

The Survey should be your first step before creating a content strategy.

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