SEO Forecasting – Are We Getting It Wrong?

A recent study on the Linkdex’s blog suggests that many SEO’s are indeed getting forecasting wrong. The study which polled the success rate of marketing direction and content creation provided by SEO’s , indicates that only 1 in 4 forecasting results actually hit the mark.

Forecasting results are often close to actual outcomes

While there are many factors that often play into the success of content creation and deployment, much like a weather forecast, traffic and social shares can be hard to predict. And while many SEO’s believe that forecasting is necessary, it may often be difficult to quantify it to a client based on cost and time constraints.

So why is it still important? AOL’s Simon Heseltine explains;

“Forecasting helps to solidify the editorial calendar for a site, if you know when a particular topic is going to start to take off, or when it’s going to peak, you can be prepared with content that’ll get you as much of a share as possible.”

There are many great points made by the professionals polled in the article, but for me Simon’s statement aligns with my own train of thought. While it may be hard to validate to clients the time and cost involved with forecasting, like anything, the more you put into it the higher your chance for success. Strategic planning and organization will often give you the highest chance for success even though there are no guarantees. Despite the data provided in the article, and while forecasting may seem like a bit of a crap shoot, it is a necessary one.

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