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News From CES 2015

For those who don’t know, CES 2015 starts tomorrow in Las Vegas, NV. CES is an annual event wherein developers and companies get to show off the best of the best of what they’re up to. From LG launching a true 4k TV to an array of new wearables it’s the birthplace of awesome. But I’m sitting in Whistler, BC instead simply reading about it. Admittedly, not a bad lot in life. 🙂

A couple tid-bits of info caught my eye this morning while reviewing all that’s been going on pre-show this morning:

Google Music

Anything with the word “Google” in it is going to catch my eye.  Well at CES 2015 Google is announdcing that they’ll be launching a music streaming setup using in part the Chromecast dongle that was initially developed for video streaming.  With this development users will not not only be able to stream video from apps on their phones and tablets to their TV but now be able to stream music in the same way to supported speakers, receivers and other devices.

Denon Heos support Google Cast.

The Denon Heos above support Google Cast for example and I’m sure a litany of new devices will follow suit.

This is a great move for Google, sneaking their way further into our homes in non-intrusive ways knowing full-well that over time they can slowly expand on this reach.  Fortunately it’s a useful service. 🙂

What Happens When Drunk Engineers Decide The Future?

Most of us have been there at one time or another, you’re sitting around the table at a party or pub and one of you says something like, “We should start a band!” and it’s such a shockingly brilliant and obvious development that you can’t believe you didn’t think of it earlier.  Fortunately when you wake up you realize you don’t know how to play an instrument and the plan dies there.  Well what if you did play an instrument?  This is more similar to one of the exhibitors lined up to present at CES …

Empire Robotics is displaying a robot they built and one can only assume their development of this thing is rooted in our tale above.  Let me not spoil it for you, here’s a video of their robot in action:

A robot that plays beer pong.  Why do I believe the origin of this thing was a few engineers losing a game of beer pong and thinking to themselves, “Next time we’ll kick their butts!” and then spending the next 11 parties holed up in a lab developing the tools of their inevitable domination.

Keeping Up

For those wishing to keep up on all that unfolding at CES, c|net has folks on the ground.  Here’s the most recent info from their news feed.

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