Affiliate Convention & Top SEO’s

It’s 8:43PM on a beautiful Thursday evening in LA. I popped back to my room to check emails before heading off to Affiliate Bash here at Affiliate Convention. Despite a few stress points that worked themselves out due to the dedication of the organizers that show is going extremely well and I’d hope to see continued growth for this convention as they head to Denver next.

I had the opportunity to moderate a panel for the first time today at 9:15 on Alternative Traffic for affiliates (focusing mainly on social media). The panel was very entertaining. Some take-a-ways … use Twitter. 🙂 I’ve avoided diving head-long into Tweeting due mainly to viewing it more as yet another time sucking activity and yet – some very compelling arguments were made for it as a great branding tool. Heck, I might even be converted. I have the twitter account @beanstalkseo – I just don’t use it much yet but the ability to provide instant updates to client, the community, etc. – heck, it just might save time overall.

They served a good lunch, the trade show floor was busy (great for the exhibitors and they’re why affiliates get in free :).

I did my session in the afternoon on SEO for Affiliate sites. For those interested you can download my slide show via PDF here. Basically – the problem that many affiliates encounter is being too blatant and not providing real value in their sites. Create a resource that happens to include affiliate links and you’ll do MUCH better on Google (and convert better too).

Tomorrow I’ll have more time to attend various sessions. I only got to three and look forward to catching more tomorrow.

In other news …

I also have to take this moment to note (tooting our own horn) that once more Beanstalk has been awarded Best Of awards for December in the following areas:

So all-in-all … it’s a good day.

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