I got nominated.

Yup, Nope I Got Nominated

ice ice

I was honestly tired of opening up my social media and seeing the ALS ice bucket challenge. The last thing I wanted was to be nominated but hey if I haven’t been nominated yet then I’m probably safe.

Yup, nope I got nominated! I’m not the sort of person not to respond so of course I responded with a maybe. I’m not overly fond of large corporate non-profits yet felt compelled to do something. Being a firm believer in using social media for the greater good I wanted to incorporate a message in my video as a reminder that even if you don’t stand for the cause it doesn’t mean that you should stand back and not do anything.

So what if you don’t back the ALS well use this as a way to bring good to whom you do believe in. Go donate to cancer or hospice but don’t just stand in the background and shame another company that still is trying to do good for humanity. This is why I thought to open up the table for others to feel free to go other places and lend a helping hand.

All I knew was I wanted to spice it up and make the challenge a little different. This is so it would fit in with my theme encouraging others to do something even if it wasn’t for that cause. I directly donated to a friend who is suffering from ALS and gave to a friend’s charity of choice in memory of her Father.

Even though a donation driven social campaign doesn’t directly inspire for the cause it can indirectly do better good for others. This is why I still believe that there will always be a special place for these viral challenges or gimmicks.

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