Why Page Content Matters

Last week Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam, team put out a rather clever video on the Google Webmasters Help channel on Youtube. For those that didn’t catch it, the bodiless Mr. Cutts made a few great points about page content.

We all know that having unique, well written page content is one of the cardinal rules for any site.  It’s helps both visitors and search engines. Having relevant, topical information on your sites pages will help Goolge understand what your site is about and provide relevance for search queries. Having low quality, scraped or “thin content” can result in less search traffic to your site and depending on how low the quality is, may even fall under the umbrella Goolge’s of Panda algorithm.

Matt has deemed this a “public service announcement” but it begs the question, is this a warning of things coming down the pipe for algorithmic changes?

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