Tips To Avoid Creative Burnout

Mr Kotter

By definition the word creativity means the ability to transcend traditional ideas and create new and imaginative interpretations.

In our industry creativity is brings problem solving, successful campaigns and inventive out of the box ideas that help our clients shine on search engines. Unfortunately there are those times when our creativity is exhausted and leaves us scratching around trying to make sense of our world without it.

There are ways to avoid total burnout here are four of my favorites

1. Hunt out inspiration. Go hunt out books, people, videos that inspire fresh and inventive thought. Collaborate with your workmates, friends and family often because sometimes even if it doesn’t make sense just getting the juices flowing helps push out new ideas.

2. Mix up your schedule. Stepping out of the norm can often trigger your brain to turn the switch back on the creative light bulb. This keeps the mind busy and out of a dormant state ensuring the mind is forced into continuous state of eclectic thinking.

3. Stay away from negative thought. Don’t go down the rabbit hole of negative thinking because you’ll find that it’s much like quicksand and can consume you quickly. Make sure that every day you do something positive that makes you happy. Neglecting your needs can often slowly draw you closer to falling prey to negative thought. If there is a challenge stop yourself and teach yourself to walk away and take a breather.

4. Get off your butt. Go outside and get some fresh air. Place yourself in a whole different environment but make sure you move. I know that most of the time my creative mind fires up when I’m out for a run or even cutting the lawn. Remind yourself by creating an alarm on a device or schedule in a weekly activity at the rec center that forces you out of your office chair.

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