The Conversation Doesn’t Stop at Hello

Retro TV Commercial

In today’s digital marketing environment we rely heavily on social media to connect with our audience. The top two, and very important components to a successful social campaign is engagement and content. I’m sure we’ve all realize by now we don’t make great gains from a response on a comment thread, or hopeful content posts we think our audience will like. Many businesses spend too much time talking at their audience and not enough engaging in actual conversation. The leaders at the forefront of modern business don’t just speak at their audience, but involve the audience on every level of digital marketing.

It is often overlooked that the best topics for content and engagement can be found with the people who have purchased products in the past. Nobody knows your product better than they do; this makes them an invaluable resource.


To a potential customer, your client base and social audience is far more likely to be a trusted resource concerning your products or services; more than your company itself. Most people are motivated to purchase based on social circumstances or a feeling of connection in how your product is marketed. A good example of this would be the classic Life cereal ad by Quaker Oats.

Let’s take a closer look. The three boys in this commercial are average kids, and Mikey is a kid everyone can relate too. These are the kids that your past self would have, more than likely, spent long summer days riding your bike around the cul-de-sac with. As a kid, I bought into this because I related to Mikey and his brothers. If Mikey likes it then I like it too!

This concept proves that the best salesman is the client themselves. They have an established trust with the world already and “if Mikey likes it then so do I.” With the outreach provided by social media, we are searching for people we can connect with, as well as, down to earth, naturally occurring news. The public want less polished Hollywood content and more emphasis on reality. Reaching out to your audience and applying them to your marketing strategy, lends authority to your products and/or services and allows you connect with a whole new audience. It creates a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

This is not the only online marketing relationship that businesses should employ, but connecting and building relationships with those who are already fans of your product shouldn’t be overlooked. As a business, the last thing you need is an impersonal campaign that resembles Post’s failed 1960’s cereal for Sugar Rice Krinkles. also agrees!

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