Stuff it!

DK KeysIMG_6938

So you get a spot writing for a PR6 website and you lose it because you stuffed your article full of keyword and hyperlinks. You know that was a bad move! No well-known editorial is going to accept contributing content that looks and smells like Swiss cheese.

I mentioned yesterday that it is important to take the ego out of your blog content and shape it for your clientele. This includes taking out unnecessary keywords and vandalizing your content with hyperlinks.

Any reputable magazine or website I know is going to do their research by looking up the possible contributing author’s writing history. It should be common sense to steer clear from stuffing keywords and hyperlinks on contributing articles but equally as important on your own blog. Old school and well written reporters don’t consider it journalism. Stuffing keywords and hyperlinks into your site reveals to them that you are capable of abusing an editorial relationship for self-promotional use. Not to mention that the content you write will likely be low quality and much pretty much stink.

Keyword and hyperlink stuffing is ego driven and sloppy practice. Your goal is to drive new and old clients back to your site because you’re a reliable, yet trusted resource. A good portion of your link-building is going to come from guest authorship, may as well do it the right.

Just Remember… If I look ridiculous with my house keys stuffed in my mouth so will your blog if it’s stuffed with keywords.

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