SEO Articles

Today was a pretty big day for Beanstalk in the category of putting out some solid content for our valued readers.  2 new articles have been published, one written by the reputable Kyle Krenbrink titled “Updating Your Website’s Content”.  The title is just a titch misleading.  When he first handed it to me for reading I thought I was about to read a technical piece on how to get new content onto your website.  Instead it’s well-written piece discussing what content you should be looking at adding and how often.  I may be biased but to me it’s a great piece for anyone interested in rankings in a post-Panda world.

The second article is written by yours truly and appears over on the Search Engine Watch website.  The article covers rankings your website for image search and discusses everything from the tactics to do so as well as cautions on when it might not actually be beneficial (and yes, there are times this is the case).  With an author’s bias I have to say it’s a solid piece and definitely worth the read.  The article is appropriately  titled, “Ranking on Image Search“.  Enjoy. 🙂

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