Robin Hood Prince of Content

Robin Hood

Let’s just face it for small business owners creating daily content to post on your social profiles can be time consuming. Social media requires we keep our followers continually interested and invested in our brand. I’m writing this as a release statement to small B2C companies that it’s alright to source material from others within your industry. In fact I push the need for more of it.

What you want, especially on Facebook are your followers to press that “notifications” tab on their like. And if you can do that you’re going to increase your publications.

Don’t go ape wild posting anything and everything. Stay relevant to your industry and keep an eye out for influential brands that are publishing well written content.

What I like the best about this is that you can share their content on Twitter and begin a conversation with the brands handle. So there is good opportunity to increase notoriety and social rippling.

Think of yourself as Robin Hood of the Internet content type. Hunt down from companies that can afford well written products and share within your communities. There is nothing wrong with it and in fact you are sharing riches with your audience.

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