RIP to Rel+Author Tag


I don’t know about you but for at least two years I’ve been telling clients to implement the rel=”auth” tag. Just the other day I got word from an article by Alan Bleiweiss that Google’s John Mueller had communicated that they hit the kill switch on rell=”auth”. It felt like a kick to the stomach after helping clients build their author profile using this tag. I’m just a little peeved that I spent time pushing it and now I have to spend time answering questions from my clients.

After years of Google pushing the importance of this they pull the carpet right out from our feet. Is this a surprise? No, not really since SEO masters have been discussing that this was a possibility prepared my mind for this day. I did learn something from this since being new blood to the industry. Make sure you stipulate that this signal may not be long term but for now it seems to be working.

Is authorship dead with rell=”author”? No it’s not and I’ll be pushing for clean resource worthy content. No slacking in this department. Well written content is my clients calling card for author placement and trust between them and their own clients.

Engagement is the second most important to maintaining a good trust ranking. Creating a good report digitally with new and old clients is top of the game. Heck these are the ultimate networks as they spread the word of your great content , wonderful customer service and track record that competitors are shy at.

Network with authors in your industry. If your quality content is there and professionally equal to theirs they will build your worlds greatest support. You wonder how how you can begin to network into a community. The truth is it’s not much different from a party. Most party socializing begins in the kitchen so start in the kitchen. Find out where your digital author community socializes and network. You will do this through social media. Of course I said social media, this is my favorite platform when it comes down to networking strategy. If you hit the right circle of influence you’ll have no problem following through.

Losing the rel=”auth” tag is not the end of the world but you will have to get serious with a strategy and follow through. Hit hard when it comes to communicating and look for opportunity. Build a supportive community with both your clients and professional counterparts. When you do your due diligence and apply the right data into your strategy you can’t go wrong. Things come and they go but they rarely stay the same. That’s the name of the game and something to get used to; It’s what make things fun and exciting.

Check out John Mueller’s response and tell us what you think

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