10 Best Photoshopped Matt Cutts

Working in the SEO and SEM industry you spend a lot of time scouring the internet; and in doing so you’ll see the very best and the very worst it has to offer. Since starting to contribute to the Beanstalk blog, I’ve come across my fair share of artfully Photoshopped Matt Cutts. Some were good, some weren’t so great, and some left me wanting to burn my eyes out (I’m looking at you WickedFire.)

I should say that I have never met Matt, but I know a few people who have, and by all accounts he sounds like a really nice guy with a good sense of humor. So without further ado, here are my favorite Photoshopped Matt Cutts.

  1. Nacho Libre Matt Cutts

    Nacho Libre Matt Cutts

  2. Matt Cutts Spam Hunter

    Matt Cutts Spam Hunter

  3. Zombie Matt Cutts

    Zombie Matt Cutts

  4. Most Interesting Man In The World Matt Cutts

    Most Interesting Man in the World Matt Cutts

  5. Terminator Matt Cutts


  6. Thor Matt Cutts

    Thor Matt Cutts

  7. Moses Matt Cutts

    Matt Cutts Moses

  8. Austin Powers Matt Cutts

    Ausitn Powers Matt Cutts

  9. Walking Dead Matt Cutts

    Walking Dead Matt Cutts

  10. Monopoly Matt Cutts

    Monopoly Matt Cutts

Honorable Mentions

  1. Cop Matt Cutts

    Cop Matt Cutts

  2. Matt Cutts as a Lady

    Matt Cutts as a Lady

  3. Hyperbole and a Half Matt Cutts

    hyperbole and a half Matt Cutts

Whenever you are the public face of a large corporation you open yourself up as a bit of a target. If I had to guess at Matt’s response to all this, it would have to be the following..

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