Peeps Of A Feather Flock Together


Birds are cool little creatures that are naturally socialize and will often go out of their way to investigate opportunity with different feathered friendly communities. They will fly from tree branch to tree branch until they find something in common with other birds and when they do they sing a song of their own to call over their friends. Soon enough that tree is full and alive with the sound of birds chattering. This is great unless it’s 5am in the morning on a Sunday for us humans.

This is why I encourage multiple authors for content creation on a brand blog. Much like the birds flying from tree to tree we have humans going from blog to blog looking for something we share in common. When we humans find something of interest we press like then more often then notshare it with our friends and they too will flock over to that tree.

Every author writes with an individual song attracting different people. This is why I encourage brands to hire more than one writer on staff. Not only does this keep things interesting but it also attracts others with different tastes back to your site.

Another way to attract different birds to your tree is to call other birds over to sing their song. If you can identify others who have an influence in similar communities as you and ask them over to yours it can also draw new traffic your way. It could be a guest authorship or even an interview. Remember Birds of a feather flock together.

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