One Code of Ethics to Rule Them All?

One ring code of ethics

A hot topic of debate among the SEO/SEM community this past month has been the issue of a code of ethics for the industry. The movement has been spearheaded by SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) and is receiving very mixed reviews from the community. The goal is create an independent senate comprised of industry professionals that would define a code of ethics, generating a seal of approval for SEO and SEM providers.This would offer a measure of security for business owners when attempting to find a reliable SEM provider but may be a giant headache for the providers themselves.

One of the early candidate nomination challenges faced, was the exclusion of individual industry professionals; a move that excludes a significant knowledge base. Many other concerns have surface over the semantics of implementation for an industry with ever changing rules and limitless interpretations of search algorithms, and of course, the knowledge level of clients to understand all the factors involved, in what is generally a fairly technical landscape. While the movement is still in it’s infancy there is not doubt that in the years to come, it will face many hurdles.

Later this week, Beasnstalk will be addressing the issue with it’s own initiative. Catch Dave Davies on Webmaster Radio’s Webcology, Thursday October23, and get the details!!

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