Marty Weintraub Search Powered Psycographics and Persona Marketing PubCon

Warning this is a live blog and spelling and grammar mistakes will happen


Marty has more energy on stage than a 3 year old on chocolate and coffee. This man will inspire you beyond our limits.

His primary discussion was about inventive and creative ways to reach out to new clients but also retain the ones that could slip through your fingers.

Reaching out for new clients really isn’t that hard especially in this day and age of the internet. If you know what your product is and the demographic that is most likely going to use the product then it really shouldn’t be hard at all to seek and keep.

Understanding how your audience and clients react to situation key. Looking for their interest signals will help you search for new leads as well as retain their attention just before you lose them completely.

Using all your digital assets their metrics will help you get a good feel for how they feel. This will help you find out what content drives their interest and the people that they mot often refer to in social circles.


This will help you find out where they will probably go to next when they didn’t convert to. And by doing this you can learn to work at strategies that can intercept them a second time to offer a better deal or what ever reason they left your site without following through.

Paying attention to their emotional rhythm from what they post can give you a better where and when to introduce new material.

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