This morning I woke up to a great little interview with Rand Fishkin on Entrepreneur.com. For me, one of the best takeaways from the conversation was; “Who’s going to get behind this content and propel it as well as amplify it.”

This is the foundation of any creative content. When I began my career at Beanstalk, it was exactly that question that propelled and generated success for many of our clients. There should be an increased desire for crafting content focused on the audience’s interest as well as influential personalities on the web.

Rand explains that content is not just about directly converting, but building relationships. Let’s face it, habits are easy to create and hard to break. Using a blog for continual self-promotion is one of those bad habits that exists for many companies. It’s a fear that if you don’t promote yourself then your product will be forgotten. This is a misconception. In fact, relationship building content will drive new and returning visitors and turn them into long time companions.

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