Make a Difference with Social Media

Beyond self-promoting selfies lies a greater power within social media. Social platforms can bring people closer to friends, as well as, like-minded groups. Unfortunately, this is becoming less common as many posts are becoming replaced by crafted memes or marketed content. Knowing how to use social media properly can increase the distance of your voice, as well as, benefit your cause.

As a society we have slowly and subconsciously become a marketers dream. A Facebook page is rarely filled with personal value anymore but re-shared commercialized content. The more we do this the more the social algorithm is changed, by squeezing out the relationships we care about and swapping them for commercialized re-tweets.

Before re-tweeting or sharing content have a good look at what you’re posting. Ask yourself if it is commercialized propaganda and or if it truly represents you. If there is a something you care about passionately, use your own voice and avoid the random share. Stand up for a cause by making your own meme or video and rely less on mass fabricated media. If this can be done more often, our digital voice will become stronger and we can avoid becoming publishing monkeys for the commercial world.

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