January 18th is SOPA Strike Day!

Are you having problems getting to some of your favorite sites today? This may be a sign of things to come if the unpopular SOPA legislation comes into effect. Today is the WWW Protest SOPA Day. Most of us are aware of the SOPA/PROTECT IP fight that has been raging for some time. However many people are still very confused about the protests against the potential new legislation and whether or not they should be part of it.

I came across a video that explains the whole issue very succinctly and may help you to determine which side of the bill you are on.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future.
More than 7000 sites have blocked access to their web content in protest.

Sites like sopastrike.com are urging people to protest and sign an online petition:

January 18th, 2012 is the largest online protest in history, to stop the internet censorship bills, SOPA & PIPA. Join in by blacking out your site and urging everyone you can reach to (http://sopastrike.com/strike/)contact Congress now.

Confirmed SOPA Blackout Participants:

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