Influence Is All In The Bucket

bucket head

We all must be tired of the ice bucket challenge that has raised over 80 million dollars since July 29 2014. Their is great value to be learned from this viral message and that’s how fast something can be passed on within the internet by means of influence.

Looking at the ALS Ice Bucket challenge is a live tutorial how link building can done with the use of direct influence marketing. I got to see how different social circles and groups reacted. I was pretty pleased to see the group that was following the lineage of Mark Zuckerburg’s bucket challenge but what was even more interesting was how the general videos made more of an impact.

Can you imagine if content replaced the bucket and the nominations were directed at the ones who would most likely read it. Food for thought. Look for influence, hunt out who populates their circles then asses who responds most often then aim and create the content most likely to be shared and hit the ball out of the park.

There is a lot to learn from viral challenges. Let us know your thoughts on FaceBook or tweet me @davidJkong . I would like to know your thoughts of how stunts like this could benefit or destroy your content marketing strategy.

My thoughts were that it caught the right balance of influence both celebrity and buddy next door.

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