Hands Off My Internet!

If Net Neutrality was lost so too would the strongest platform to exercise freedom of speech. The internet would be no different than the cable industry with Fox News and CNN controlling how and what you see and hear for the sake of their own interests. It would be a left wing or right wing society with very little room for people to question either side. Our information would be neutrally cleansed and our evolving thoughts would once again be abated.

Yes, in fact most of the services that we use like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter could all determine what internet provider you use, but there is more of a serious issue. The subject of net neutrality is a First Amendment issue and should not be taken lightly. Voices from around the world are shaping its existence and forming the way governments as well as countries manage their people. If in fact neutrality is taken away our society would be moving one major step backward. I say this because control is a domino effect and the social instruments we use to voice our thoughts would have to be regulated in order for them to keep their ‘spot’ with the distributor. That means you will be socially herded into the category of group you best fit in. Fox people to the right, BBC to the left and CNN for everyone that hasn’t defined themselves yet.

It’s the mingling of thoughts and personal voice that makes change, not the ridged thinking of one side or the other. This is what the internet is to me – a mingling of thoughts; right wing Joe sitting at a table with left wing Larry and leaving middleman Bob to point out the in between. We should all be allowed to personally make the decision to walk away from the table as much as we are allowed to sit at the table and engage in the conversation.

I leave you with a little 2010 video of Al Franken who explains the true and only meaning of Net Neutrality.

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