Great Leaders Inspire


I was watching Gary Vaynerchuck the other day on Entrepreneur. A self-proclaimed social guru and in my mind has some amazing points and strategy. He did run many successful campaigns including creating his popular wine library. At one time I was very interested in what he had to say but I became very annoyed by his anti-social communication skills. The ironic thing was he is supposed to be a social media marketing expert. Unfortunately, he isn’t, at least to my standards. He still is a brilliant guy and loving father but not the leadership roll model we need.

In a social setting nobody likes anybody who instigates a negative environment. Marketing is known for emotional manipulation but it can be done for the greater good. We need leaders in the community that inspire the greater good in people.

Leaders are ones who inspire us into action; they build up positive long term structures. With the amount of negativity in society, social media marketers need to be socially accountable. We need to be examples of positive inspiration. I think all social media leaders need to inspire others. I leave you with the Ted talk from Simon Sinek who discusses how great leaders inspire us.

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