Got Bad Links To Your Site? Don’t Fret It, Disavow It!


This week in the Webcology universe we boogled with Google’s latest WMT video, hacked into Defcon, scratched our heads at Facebook and congratulated the Ninjas of 15 years of Cre8asite Forums.


We love Mat Cutts and he really makes us smile, but when he nonchalantly said in simple form, if you have bad links just disavow them… Well Matt, we wish it was that simple and that the process could be done with the snap of a finger, but in all reality, leave it for us to explain the steps to our clients. An over simplification of a disavow can make it misleading as well as creating a misunderstanding to what actually needs to be done. Clients are number one, but when their back link history is wrought with unnatural and black hat sleight of hand this can take time as well as a little money. So in response to the latest Web Master Tools video please make sure you point out more than just the color of the shoes.

 If there was such thing as a robotic shoe we know for a fact there are people out there who can hack into that. Def-con recently took place in Las Vegas bringing the most intelligent minds together, leaving attendants feeling more vulnerable than they ever thought they were. “Thus being the perfect place for an SEO,” says Kristine Schachinger, an internet guru that puts the best Jedi to shame. Knowing what we don’t know isn’t scary, but in fact it can strengthen our ability to better direct clients as well as be aware of new tactics that maliciously can destroy a site. Many parts of the amazing technology Kristine found was a simple scan that can search for vulnerabilities and simultaneously upload disabling viruses, all within a speed of thirty seconds or less. This conference is not for the faint of heart and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but without this type of gathering we couldn’t prepare stronger strategies in the SEO industry.


 Facebook You Love Changing and We Hate Not Knowing

 What’s with all these Facebook changes and do we care? “Yes we do” says Firestarter Social Media CEO Michelle Stinson Ross. Facebook is adapting to its 1.11 billion users and looking at innovative ways to make it economically work. Does it make sense to have older posts show up later on a time line? In fact it does, when looking at different angles from a promotional point of view, it generates more of a need to place posts that drive interest, likes and shares. Trying to keep Facebook interesting when the meaning of social posting is being misinterpreted by online business. Social platform is here to stir up conversation and create communication between users. This has been snuffing out as businesses have been taking a less creative move and preventing stoked conversation. Facebook is now allowing for popular posts to be recognized and herding creativity back on the time line. Now with Facebook blogging future implements on their blog we can all better prepare our marketing direction for our clients.


Cre8asite forums has been a long time hangout for much of the leading web industry leaders. Their 15 year anniversary is a milestone that’s been dedicated to connecting professionals around the world can share and educate each other of the fast paced and often crazy world wide web. It’s great to know that throughout the years there has been a place on the web that offers networking for famous experts and beginners alike. Congratulations on an amazing fifteen years.

At the end of the day this matrix we call internet is changing while algorithms are fluctuating and disappearing. A new era in marketing is evolving creating a new today for social media and SEO but without this change the endless space we once took for granted would be rendered useless. With respect to what Kristine Schachinger had said that “Knowing what we don’t know isn’t scary, but, in fact it can strengthen our ability to better direct clients and make a better future.” Let’s take this and move forward to a better future of the internet and respect the change that is happening at this moment.


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