Google Glass Hit’s The UK

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Well it’s not a crown Prince Charles is wearing but it could be the Google equivalent of it. Google Glass has opened up market within the UK this week through the “Glass Explorer Program”. Lucky ladies and gents over the age of 18 have the opportunity to wear the unit for a measly £ 1,000. If you can’t dish out the euros for the product you could always book an upper class seat with Virgin Airlines who are offered complimentary Google Glass to manage their flight details.

It’s only a matter of time that wearable technology like the Glass will be as common as yoga wear for the hip urbanite. Although, it will be interesting to see how well the modest of the English respond to the public use of the Glass. It’s had a rocky relationship with the American public and many consider it to be an invasion of personal space. Even many events and local business ask that the glass not be worn on the premises.

None the less, if you’re in London and are curious or have any questions, Google has set up sample areas June 27-28th for the general public to test drive the Glass.

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