Add This Into Your Pitch to Amplify Your Results

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It takes more than a good old e-mail pitch these days to obtain influencers for a cooperative online marketing campaign. Sure it’s dandy to have a well-crafted e-mail, but what do you have to back it up? I’ve had discussions with well-known bloggers and influencers on the web who say they don’t even respond to emails that don’t have attached media-kits. They want to see your company’s value and presence on the internet to assure a mutually beneficial relationship.

A media-kit should be mandatory for every client in this day and age of marketing. Trust me, it will make your life much more simple. If your company doesn’t have enough to fill their online resume, then you’ll need to create a strategy for putting one together – but that is a blog post for another day. I won’t go into fine detail about what makes a decent press kit, but I will give you a basic outline to get you started.

A press kit is your company’s marketing resume, which should items such as: business information, advertising materials, articles, images, and even links to video or podcasts. Although it’s a selling feature, don’t make it long winded. It needs to make an impression to maximize your chances of being contacted.

Step One

– The Introduction

The introduction is a key element that brings you closer to winning the deal. This is your first impression so the language used is very important. Write sincerely to grab their interest. Let them know what information is attached within the media-kit and be sure to include contact information.

Step Two

– Biography

A short biography will help potential marketing partners understand the core values of the company you represent and if it’s relevant to their industry. Let them know who the company’s key players are and ensure that those key players have a online and social reputation that’s been crafted to impress. Keep it brief, yet not boring , somewhere between two to three paragraphs.

Step Three

– Print & Press

Include up to date publications, Press releases, television appearances, as well as, online and print press about the company.

Step Four

– Social Media & AV

Successful digital campaigns such as: social media events, videos, and podcasts can help provide your influential internet notoriety. If you have a weak internet presence then it’s probably best to build your online influence before attempting to follow through with an invitational campaign. Both step three and four are truly the key elements that are going to help seal the deal. Remember, these influencers are looking for equality in a collaborative marketing partner; having an engaging promotional marketing background is a must.

We’ve taken a basic look at what to provide in your media-kit, and why it is needed in the new world of internet marketing. If your business doesn’t have a decent ad profile, or digital marketing fingerprint, then it’s best to start laying that as a foundation. Making sure your company has an impressive media-kit is a must, because gone are the days of asking for a guest post. You need to show that you are an authority in your industry, and the relationship you are building is mutually beneficial.

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