Don’t Follow Your Passion


I bet you’ve heard people say, “follow your passion” many times before. How about I say to you to not follow your passion but instead, bring it with you. This was an interesting theme from an Entrepreneur Magazine video with Mike Rowe that triggered a lot of thought.

I think things that we do- whether it is work ,rest or play there needs to be a certain amount of passion for it to be a success. We have to maintain a certain amount of reality when we throw out the term “follow your passion”. Trust me I’ve seen enough good friends walk away from great things to follow their passions that they weren’t very good at and are today, still struggling.

In life we need to find the passion and apply it to everything we do then great things will shine from it. Educate yourself and look for key elements in what your doing that will help that passion grow. A key element for a car to run is gasoline (fuel). Without fuel for the car it wont even run. So when I say key elements in our lives, I refer to things that keep us moving. look for something that will fuel the best in whatever you do and that will fuel your passion. That passion will spark a clients campaign into higher gear and bring success to both you, your clients and maybe daily life.

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